HappiStories: A Happipress Initiative

“Long rainy days, a hot cup of chai and crispy bhajias have a crazy effect on my mojo. Usually I want to shake things up, ruffle some feathers and stir up a storm. This August,  after one such session, the impact was more deep and sombre. I have been associated with Happipress for over a year now, and at its very existence this brand stands for everything good, cheerful and positive. It celebrates the best of design, contemporary art and crafts and marries it with recycled aluminum plates, to create something outstanding and rather premium. So we know that the product never fails to bring joy and happiness to our clients. But it got me thinking, how can the brand ‘Happipress’ also create some good karma. That’s when HappiStories was born.” – Anaggh Desai, CEO, Happipress

Happi Stories, is an initiative to convert the values of Happipress, into a tangible effort to reward and recognize the lesser known and unsung heroes around us and anyone who selflessly helps others. We’re constantly on the lookout to find such stories that inspire us and in our own little way we applaud them, share their story and reward them with our humble happi hamper.

Since we have consciously started keeping an eye out on digital mediums and within our social circles for such anecdotes, we have been overwhelmed with the good work that common folk are doing these days. Here’s a few interesting picks for you.

HappiStories # 1:

Meet Varun Gupta. On his 10th birthday, Varun collected Rs.10000 by selling his story books to sponsor the education of a girl child from ‘Vidyasha’.  With this selfless deed, Varun has not only set an example for his peers, but also for us. We decided to applaud and encourage his efforts and his value system instilled by his parents, with a small HappiHamper.1blog.png

HappiStories # 2:

Sandhya Menon, a writer, journalist and active Tweeter, has never failed to inspire us with her opinions, hardwork and writing. She was spearheading one of the most active campaigns in Bengaluru for relief efforts during the Kerala floods. Without a break, she was mobilizing donations and relief material, channelling accurate information, and pleading with truck drivers to take food and clothes to Kerala.


And so when we recently decided to send her a happi hamper, little did we know that it will give her so much joy on a day when she was in need of some magic. We were happi to have given her her first ever personalised memo-board along with other goodies, which a stationery lover like her would really appreciate.3
HappiStories # 3:

Rudraksh, another young boy, created his first social awareness campaign against child labour in firecracker factories. The concept, visuals, copy and artwork all have been created by him. Encouraged by everyone’s words of praise, he is now working towards crafting his own photograph collection for his future campaigns.


We hope to continue this little endeavour of ours to spread happiness and encourage the do-gooders around us. If you hear of someone who deserves a HappiHamper, make sure to bring it to our notice. You can write to info@happipress.com. So long and be good! 🙂

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