The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are getting bigger than ever. It’s a no-expense spared affair, a moment of pride for the bride’s’ parents, a chance to go all out for the betrothed couple and total merriment for the wedding guests.

A beach destination, a beautiful hotel property, a sunset wedding, live music, champagne and dancing. Such is the the big fat indian wedding saga!

Planning one such wedding? Here’s a few quick but essential things for you to ponder over.


Guest Room Accessories & Hampers:

All in-room guests have to be welcomed with a curated snack and beverage hamper. You can add a mix of chocolates, cookies, savouries, sodas, candy and the works. But don’t forget to give it a personal touch with the bride-groom names or your wedding hashtag. Some folks also go the extra mile in trying to make the hamper a keepsake. You must also place a welcome note and a printed wedding itinerary with timing and venue details in every guest room.

Venue Decor

Planning outdoor wedding functions can be a lot of fun. Colourful shamianas, real lamps, delicate danglers, fairy lights, customized installations and more. The modern brides are also experimenting with a bunch of ‘digital’ wedding decor ideas. These can include embossed danglers, coasters, cocktail list & labels, food counter decor embossed with the couples’ names, their hashtag or other fun wedding quotes.

Photography Props

In the digital age, wedding photography is not what is used to be a few years ago. So you’ve got to keep the guests entertained and give them a reason to click lovely photos as your wedding. May we suggest some floating props, completely customized to your wedding? These make for some great Instagram posts too 😉

The key is to have a theme for every function and stick to it. These themes are then extended from the decor to the food menu too.

Often brides also plan the decor themes and colour scheme around their wardrobes, which gives a cute and coordinated look. Decided your look yet? No? Give us a call! 🙂



Happi Weddings: The Outdoor Mehendi Party


Contemporary Wedding Planning Ideas For The Fun Bride

by Happipress

If you’re getting married in the winter of 2018, you’re most likely planning a lawn or poolside Mehendi function. And you should. It gives your guests something to look forward to and frankly you’ll need that change too. With all the bridal nerves, you can use this casual outdoorsy set up to break into the ceremonies and shake a leg yourself.

Open and outdoor venues give you a blank canvas, to do as you please. So decorate away. Throw in some entertainment, a live barbeque, a colourful dance floor. AND DON’T FORGET A WELL-STOCKED BAR. You’re set!

So where to begin? Plan the live activities and food counters first, because those will take up most of your space.

Live Entertainment & Activities

There’s no real Do’s & Don’ts here. So don’t hold back any wishes. You’re only going to get married once. If you’re really looking to create a unique and memorable experience, here’s some killer ideas for entertaining your guests and yourself! 🙂

Food Counters

You know your friends and family best. So while you’ve got to cover all bases in the main course, go a little nuts with the appetizers. No one really says no to some good old-fashioned munchies with cocktails. So pass ‘em around till they say stop!

The Life Of Every Party: The Bar

Whether it’s a daytime function or evening, you’re definitely going to need a killer bar. Get your banquet manager to curate a themed cocktail list and a well-trained bar man. If you’re planning to go all out, dress up the bar with custom-made accessories like coasters, straws, tissues and the works.

(Custom-made colorful coasters with personalized quotes)

Contemporary Decor Accents

Colourful danglers help in dressing up trees, pillars and other elements that are a part of your venue. These can be customized to suit your decor and colour scheme.

(Traditional coloured danglers from trees, pillars to match the marigold flower decoration)

A non-traditional photo booth can be installed, to help highlight your wedding hashtags, other quirky quotes and it also serves as a great decor accessory. It can be strategically placed to mark the party territory.


Put all this together and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable mehendi function. If you need more ideas to curate a personalized wedding experience, just holler. We’re only a click away!